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Being enthusiastic for living is what originally brought me to the photography world. Living is amazing and I love that photography allows us to reminisce on moments inevitably past. I don’t schedule many weddings in the slower periods of the year; I do a few destination weddings and I add some weeks between my plane tickets. I am a bit of a thrill seeker, so I usually seek out powerful waves or tall mountains. I love the freedom of travel–it keeps life fresh.

Not to brag, but I’m sort of a pleasure to have around on a wedding day. This isn’t something I came to realize, but brides [many!] have actually told me that I remove stress from their wedding day. I hope the ones that don’t tell me still think it. I guess it’s due to my calm demeanor, I still find it somehow funny… but I would have it no other way.

Appreciating life and love is such an important part of photographing weddings. I look for the authentic moments of the day. And I photograph in an unobtrusive way, using beautiful light to shape my subjects for the photos. I look for beauty in each frame of the day–it’s never hard to find.

I also enjoy any other photo assignments. I am in love with the camera (the back of it). I’ve worked alongside many graphic designers, commercial campaigns, athletes, and of course families and friends. I'm always available for travel and live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Dmitri Brown 

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Boileau Communicatons
Coastal Container
Colorado Realty Group
Steamboat Lawyers Group
Butch's Bistro, Holland MI
Lakeshore Advantage
St. Mary's Catholic School
Holland PBW
Christine MacLean
Surf Camp, Inc.
Lighthouse Beer and Wine
Lighthouse Beer Festival
Michigan's Smart Coast
Royal Technologies
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